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StHealthy Hunter Brand is the first in the hunting and outdoor market to bring you Full Spectrum Hemp Products for all your outdoor adventures! In current collaboration with Bent Herbalist, we are dedicated to improving your health and wellness!

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Dr. Hillary Lampers and Matt Kleman Answer Your Questions

Why Trust Bent Herbalist Hemp

+ Contains naturally occurring CBD derived from full spectrum, phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp, not CBD isolate. 

+ Grown in the US and harvested from licensed hemp farms in Colorado. 

+Extracted from premium Cannabis sativa hemp flowers with a food grade alcohol solvent. 

+ Third party tested to meet California Certificates of Analysis for Hemp Products.

+COA verified free of GMO's, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and mycotoxins.

+ Recommended by health professionals and formulated for long term ECS support. 

StHealthy Hunter and Bent Herbalist

About Us

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The Hunt Harvest Health Podcast is where StHealthy Hunter began, and where we share all things related to sustainable living, hunting, gardening, and Naturopathic medicine!


Giving Back

We are proud to donate 2% of our net sales to Heroes and Horses, a local Montana non profit working to bring purpose back to our veterans and wild mustangs. 

Thank you for your contribution to healing PTSD through nature, brotherhood, hard work, and healthy living.  

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