CBD Full Spectrum Hemp vs. CBD Isolate - There's No Comparison!!!

With all of the CBD products coming online in the past couple years, it has created a feeding frenzy of free market capitalism in our country and abound.  The molecule is extremely safe and there seems to be new and exciting studies being published monthly into the potential medicinal benefits.  As a result to all of this new excitement about the Cannabis plant, CBD has taken on a handful of different forms to which it can be wielded and ultimately formulated. 

The two most prominent and in our opinion most fundamentally important are, “Full Spectrum Hemp Oil” and CBD “Isolate.”  Each with its own characteristics both good and bad from a formulator’s standpoint, but only one will stand the test of time and here is why…The molecule Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is found to be naturally produced in the cannabis genus.  Isolated down to its purest form, it is crystalline in structure, resembling something between large granules of sugar if they looked like millions of little snowflakes.  It is relatively heat tolerant and easy to manipulate into “CBD Products” of all shapes and sizes, due to its readily available supply and cheap price…cheap being the point I’m trying to make. 

On the other hand, we see Full Spectrum Hemp Oil as the marketed term for naturally occurring CBD products (Isolate is technically naturally occurring as well…for now) that contain the full compliment or essence of the phyto-cannabinoid rich oil extracted from the cannabis plant, otherwise known as the essential oil of cannabis.  Do you see the distinction yet?

CBD Isolate is a small iceberg condensed down and isolated from an ocean of therapeutic potential that can be found in a Full Spectrum Extract.  This extract can be thought of as the evolving memory of a plant touted for medical properties dating back 5,000 years…It is not our intent to disrubt or otherwise manipulate that memory…We tend to trust in mother nature on this one.  A Full Spectrum Extract usually contains a few key ingredients that potentiate the CBD molecule much farther than the isolated version is capable of.  These ingredients, are other naturally occurring molecules known as “Cannabinoids,” for which CBD is just one out of over 100. 

The other equally important molecules found in the extract are terpenoids.  These molecules make up the unique smell of cannabis (think Skunks) and are also what make a rose indistinguishable from a lilac and a cypress tree from a cedar.  They are all around us and when produced and combined with other cannabinoids, create an extract capable of health benefits we are just starting to understand.  This combination of molecules creates what is known as the Entourage Effect in the cannabis experience and it is the singularly most important aspect of any Herbalist’s arsenal.     

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