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This story starts years ago when I began taking CBD for the pain in my hands and to help my anxiety.  I began recommending it to patients for their headaches, back pain, anxiety, and stress and the amazing results couldn’t be ignored.  Coming from Washington where all cannabis products are legal, I still carried misconceptions about whether or not this was helping or hurting more people.  I have history of addictions in my family, and I was raised to believe ALL “drugs” to be bad.  The healing I began to get from hemp however, started my interest in learning more about it.  

 A few months ago I met up with my now friend and collaborator, Matt Kleman for Podcast #74, to talk about the most Vilified Plant on the Planet, and again my eyes continued to open.  He works daily with cancer patients, chronic pain, mental disorders, Crohn’s Disease, burn victims, and opiod addicts, all with Cannabis sativa (hemp) and Cannabis indica ( marijuana).  He is making it’s his lifes mission to turn us again towards these plants which humans have coexisted with for over 5,000 years.  A plant that can make food, oil, clothing, ropes, vehicles, paper, and yes- medicine.  Now, it has become a fire under my feet to share this information with you because there are so many that need this plant, so many who are suffering and don’t need to be, and perhaps that person is you.  

With this passion, Ryan and I have decided to collaborate with Matt by making his line of Bent Herbalist Full Spectrum Hemp products available to anyone in the United States.   Produced from top grade Colorado hemp, and formulated in the mountains of Montana, this line of products is bar none one of the best formulas I know of.  Quietly Matt has been using these formulas to work with the hardest of cases, staying small and only selling his product out of his Bozeman, Montana facility.  I don’t write these words lightly: using a plant that works in balance with our body and does NOT create addiction upholds the foundations of Naturopathic Medicine. 


Dr. Hillary and Matt Kleman

Just a Small Roadblock-  Today's Challenge of Selling Full Spectrum Hemp/CBD

Little did I know however, that selling CBD or hemp products online was going to be difficult.   After months of trying to apply with different merchant banks to get credit card processing, and being rejected (along with all new CBD merchants and any retail locations)  it’s apparent there are larger forces at work trying to stop the sale of this product.  If banks won’t give credit card processing for an e-commerce store, it’s near impossible to sell a product nationally.  Now most banks won’t even consider your account if you can’t prove near monthly sales of $100K in product which is impossible for a brand new company.  

I  believe there are other reasons the banks are making it hard on those of us who want to sell these products.  Even with CBD 100% legal, these type of actions slow down and minimize free trade AND the ability for consumers to use this powerful plant medicine.  We will continue to do what we can to get credit card processing, but for now we can only offer e-check.  This allows you to use your checking account like a debit card, but unfortunately you can’t use straight credit.  I know this may scare many of you off, but truth be told, it’s nothing about us, our product, or the truth, and it’s only made me more resilient in sharing these phenomenal products!!! 

Also, you won’t find a lot of answers to your health questions here.  This is because even though CBD is legal, it’s being investigated by the FDA on a continual basis.  This oversight is not because it’s dangerous, but because the government wants this plant medicine so it can make money and find ways to patent it.  Coming down on folks talking about the medicinal benefits is just another step in reducing the ability to get it to the consumer. Make no mistake, the bigger powers want this product for themselves.

What This Sight Has to Offer 

What you will find, is amazing information and education on these amazing products.     Together Matt and I have built a list of CBD/Hemp FAQS, many educational resources, recorded podcasts and video, all which feature his Bent Herbalist line of products.  These products are 100% legal to sell and ship to all 50 states and are available in capsules and a topical.  Our capsules are available in 25, 50, and 100 count, and to top it off- Matt is offering to consult with anyone who needs a deeper dive into their health condition and dosages for FREE.  Go to and fill in the form, and Matt will email you back.  No other company ANYWHERE will offer this!

StHealthy Hunter is passionate about giving back by donating 2% of our net proceeds to our favorite local charity, Heros and Horses.  This amazing organization was started by Micah Fink, a retired Navy Seal who started to question the way veterans with PTSD were treated.  He bring veterans and wild mustangs together in the backcountry of Montana, providing leadership and real foundations in hard work, healthy living, and emotional support.  To learn more about where your money is going, check out their website and other ways you can support them.  

Lastly, this website offers a chance to experience the MANY benefits of this wonderful plant.  If you have questions or need assistance please feel free to contact us, and we appreciate your business. 

StHealthy Hunter Co-Founder - Dr. Hillary Lampers

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